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Exploring Sliceable Wax Melt Fruits

In our exploratory workshops you can bring whatever you like for your desired creations my goal is to teach you how to maximize the use of your waxes for the perfect texture this workshop is also the key to gummy candies!

You will have unlimited access to your workshop for replays questions ideas & resources!

Candied Fruit Wax Melts

Once you've learned one fruit you've learned them all in this workshop along with loads of additional candle food creations that can be created once you master the technique of blended waxed fruits!

In this workshop you will learn how to master realistic fruit effect with a blended wax recipe

-You will learn how to create two types Jolly Rancher Candy Dips with a special wax blend

-Best waxes to use for Candied Crumbs

-Packaging & Shipping

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