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Realistic Candle Pies

If your tired of your pies looking dull & unrealistic this is the workshop for you!!

We will explore various waxes that create the perfect look for realist who love food & dessert Candles. Wow your customers with your new found skills!

About the workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to perfect candle pie crust!

-Exploring Various waxes & Blends that set you apart from all the rest

-Learn how to crimp your candle pie crust like a pro

-How to make braided pie crust & cages without a mold

-Learn various types of pie filling textures

-Best dessert pie fragrance oils

-Blended waxes for consistency

-Properly wicking your pies

-Packaging & shipping your candle pies safely

You will have unlimited access to KCB candle bakery schools portal you will be notified with updates with any post made to your one time membership purchase!

Use discount code EARLYBIRD to grab your seats!

Candle Pie Workshop