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Candle Baking Made Easy for New Candle Makers!

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About the Realistic Cupcake Candle Workshop

Tired of your cupcake candles & wax melts looking flat & unrealistic? 

Join me for a quick easy session of teaching you with some of my favorite cupcake candle techniques to make my creations appear realistic to the eye. 

Just like a fresh baked muffin or cupcake!! 

I will be demonstrating this effect in a recorded video

starting with the base of the cupcake.  

this is a beautiful alternative to "Baking Candles". 

-you will learn Kharisma's secret technique to creating mold less cupcake muffins 

how to perfect whipped wax into creamy icing 

-Best waxes to use to perfect our signature technique 

-Cupcake Seasonal ideas & resources discussion

For this workshop I will be creating and demonstrating fun Halloween 

REALISTIC CUPCAKES discount code is inside the members wall please do not purchase separately!! 

Check emails for receipts & downloads

****This isn't the workshop for magic rising cupcakes***

To Learn How to Make your Candles Rise Like Magic without an oven click here!

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