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Tiktok Business Bootcamp

This 2 Day Bootcamp was carefully crafted for Candle Makers!!

About our Bootcamp

We are Diving Deep!!

Creating an effective social media platform for your candle business is important in 2023 Millions prefer to shop online vs. in an actual store!! Don't miss out on Potential Customers because you haven't used every resource and tool to your advantage.

In this workshop you will learn the strategy of going viral & gaining 0-10k Followers in an average of 30 days Mayless -

"If steps are followed consistently"

-Learn how to set up your merchant account with tiktoks new in app shopping feature-Showcase your products directly in App!!

This is a total game changer!!

-Learn how to operate your business account & features offered

-Learn How to turn Viewers into Shoppers

-Learn how to create valuable viral content with quick & easy steps using My "Tiktok Viral Bible" turning Viewers into Shoppers!!

-Random tiktok Account Assessments

-FREE Downloadable-7 Day Candle Content Calendar

-FREE Downloadable- TIKTOK VIRAL BIBLE WORKBOOK (After workshop)

Are you Ready to Grow your Candle Business on Tiktok

Bootcamp & auditing