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New Candle Bakers Use Code MAGICMUFF enjoy 10% off & Join us on Facebook Candle Baking Secrets With Kharisma Where we have created a community of candle bakers like you to help enhance their candle baking journey with quick tips & hacks!

About the Baking Candle Workshop

You Will Learn:

—2 Baking Candle recipes with two different waxes | understanding how to use your ratios for cupcakes, breads, donuts, cakes etc

  • How to make thick whipped cream icing to top your baking candles
  • How to decorate your cupcakes (bring embeds you would like to use)

-What Waxes to use & waxes not to use to assist you in your magical powers of making your candles rise without an oven

-Unlimited Access to recorded video if you miss the live due to an emergency

-Unlimited Support with Candle Baking Support group

  • unlimited access to assistance at the candle baking institute if you have any issues

-Packaging & Shipping ideas

-Safety & Warning Labels

Once you have registered for the workshop ingredients list will be available immediately!!

***please understand once ingredients are released there are no refunds****

After you register for the LIVE workshop you will receive access to the Baking Candle Institute where you will find ingredients needed for your upcoming workshop. Along with all additional information needed on your upcoming workshop instead of emailing you are able to communicate directly with me at any time prior to the workshop Click sign up today to join us!!

Magic Rising Cupcakes Workshop